Billing Policy

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I accept the following Billing Agreement.

What Happens As Soon As You Submit Your Credit Card Details

Your credit card is submitted securely to MasterCard (yes, the massive credit card company) for safekeeping.  MasterCard passes a token back to us.  We do NOT store your credit card details.

Though we trust you and believe it is you who is using your credit card, we will charge you a measly US$1 and immediately refund it.  You give us $1 and we give it right back!  This ensures this is a real credit card.

When Is Your Credit Card NOT Charged

We will not CHARGE your credit card until you have consumed the free allocation of impressions and/or leads.

Our system will also send you notifications and warnings as you consume your free allocation — it might get annoying but we’d rather send you too many notifications rather than you not being well informed.

You are strongly encouraged to setup campaign limits so your campaigns STOP running once the limit is reached.  This ensures you are not charged a single penny more than you intended.


At the end of each month, we count your impressions and send you an invoice based on your pricing tier.  We only bill you for what you use.  Ok, fine... there might also be a small monthly fee as well.

Remember we do NOT have multiple payment plans.  We bill based on how much you use.  We get it — some months are just not as active so why should you pay for an overpriced occasionally used payment plan.  This way your bills fluctuate with your usage.

When Is Your Credit Card Charged

At the end of each billing period, along with a bunch of security codes we kindly ask MasterCard to charge your credit card for amount of the invoice —  not a penny more or less.

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Use LeadsHook

Firstly, we’d wonder how did it ever come to this.  We hope that you at least contact us and allow us to resolve any issues you might have.

Now, if Leadshook truly sucks, then you should stop using Leadshook.  We hope you’ll give us your honest feedback so we may improve and hopefully win back your business.

You can cancel at any time.


We do NOT store your credit card details.

All communications between us is secure and private.  Nobody can will know what we’re up to.  Further, our communication to MasterCard is also secure and private.