WARNING: This is only applicable for Version 1 decision trees. For Version 2 please refer to this guide: https://www.leadshook.com/help/5-easy-non-techie-steps-to-setup-your-tracking-for-version-2-decision-trees/

Please note: This is a new update inside LeadsHook so some functionality could be missing. Please contact our team for any updates you require.

Our Leadshook GTM Container includes Facebook, TikTok, UA, GA4, and Google Conversion Integrations.

Step 1: Add GTM-GA4 Container

Click the green button below. NOTE: Unzip the file first and then import the GTM Container into your GTM Account. Please see https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106997?hl=en how to import a GTM container.

Step 2: Grab the DT Token

Copy and paste the LH token from inside LeadsHook (see 2 and 3 in the images below)

Step 3: Updating GTM Variables

Don’t forget to save every time you update any GTM value

1. Click Variables

2. Facebook Pixel ID

3. Decision Tree Token

4. Google UA ID

In case if you have multiple Decision Tree using the same GTM container, you can add the other token using the format as shown below

Step 4: Updating GTM Triggers

1. Click Triggers

2. Edit Parent Window Loaded and add your domain

Note: Please make sure not to include https:// in the Page Hostname field, the value should be either with www or without www.

Step 5: Updating GTM Tags

You will first need to grab your GA4 Measurement ID from your GA4 account

1. Click Settings Button

2. Click Data Streams

3. Select your Data Stream

4. Click the copy button for your Measurement ID

Now you have the GA4 Measurement ID, you can then update the variable within your GTM container.

1. Click Tags

2. Click GA4 Configuration and enter your GA4 measurement ID

3. If you want to track your Google Ads Conversion, you may add your Google Ads Conversion Tracking and enter your Google Ad Conversion ID.

Here’s the step-by-step process of how to create a new Conversion Action and add your Conversion ID to your GTM container.

That is the last part of updating the GTM. Please don’t forget to save/publish the GTM container.

Optional: Removing the View Content event _first from Facebook View Event Trigger

Step 6: Adding Node events for tracking.

Start Page

1. Edit any Node you want to add a tracking event and assign your “Event Identifier”. This will be appended on your events via GA4 so you can easily tell which node that event fired from.

2. Enable Google UA and GA4 Started Decision Tree event if needed. This will only be available on Start Page node. Each node will have different event options but they would be pretty much similar.

3. Enable Google Ads Conversion if needed.

4. Fire Facebook View Content Event upon Node Entry

5. Fire Facebook View Content Event upon Node Exit

6. Fire Facebook Lead Event upon Node Entry

7. Fire Facebook Lead Event upon Node Exit

Question and Answer Node

1. Tracks the node for GA4 and UA upon Node Entry

2. Tracks the node for GA4 and UA upon node Exit

Form Node

1.Tracks the Form node for GA4 and UA upon Node Entry

2.Tracks the Form node for GA4 and UA upon Node Exit

Results Page Node

1. Tracks the Results node for GA4 and UA upon Node Entry

2. Tracks the Results node for Google Ads Conversion upon Node Entry

3. Tracks the Results node for Facebook View Content event upon Node Entry

4. Tracks the Results node for Facebook Lead event upon Node Entry

Important: We currently support Lead and View Content Events from Facebook. If you wish to fire a different Facebook standard event then kindly refer to the video below

Step 4: Watch these 2 Videos

Step 5: Testing Tips…

Thanks for latest updates to GTM, you can now see events coming into GTM.

1) Preview Mode

Use the preview mode to see events coming into GTM. The goal is to see events coming into GTM first. Because GTM is sending data to Google Analytics and Facebook, verify data inside GTM first and then in Google Analytics and Facebook.

Common ‘Gotchas’

Issue #1: Not Completely Updating GTM Container

After importing, please ensure you make the necessary edits in TAGS, Triggers and Variables.

Currently, you’ll update 1 Tag, 1 Trigger and 2 Variables

1) Update GA4 and UA Tag

2) Update 1 Trigger

3) Update 2 Variables.

Search for ‘constant’ to filter the list

Issue #2: Activate this Setting When using Direct Link or Custom Domain