Please note: This is a new update inside LeadsHook so some functionality could be missing. Please contact our team for any updates you require.

Here are the setup instructions for EMBEDDED Decision Trees.

Training for Direct Link and Custom Domains is coming soon.

Step 1: Add GTM-GA4 Container

Click the green button below. Unzip the the GTM container file. And then upload the GTM Container into your GTM Account.

Step 2: Update the LH Token

Copy and paste the LH token from inside LeadsHook (see 3 and 4 in the images below)

In case if you have multiple DTS, you can add it as shown below
Format: token + comma + space + token

Step 3: Update Parent Window Loaded

Add your domain name.

Step 4: Update Tag for your GA4 Property Measurement ID

You will first need to grab your GA4 Measurement ID from your GA account.

Now you have the GA4 Measurement ID, you can then update the variable within your GTM container.

IMPORTANT: This is the last part of the GTM setup, do not forget to publish your GTM container.

Step 4: Watch these 2 Videos

Step 4: Publish & Test

IMPORTANT: By default, the events being fired will have event names FIRST VISIT, Q&A Event, Started Decision Tree, Form Event, Page View and Reached Results Page as shown below.

In order for you to customize the event name, you can use Node Identifier field which is mostly available on all Leadshook visible nodes, this way it would be easier for you to trace within your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Also: Make sure not to use the values below for your Identifier to avoid duplicate events.

  • first_visit
  • started
  • view
  • q&a
  • form
  • reached

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