You can use Node Level Case and Field filters to display your custom fields to a different format. You can use this on Start Page Nodes, Question and Answer Nodes, Form Nodes and Result Nodes.

Based on the Image examples below, you can access the Case and Field Filters once you click “Add Fields”. It should then show you both Case Explanation and Field Filters.

For Case Explanations, these can be used for text alterations for your custom field text values. You can click it and it should show you the explanation per Case function.

Case Explanations

As for the Field Filters, these can Alter number Fields, text fields and even date formats. You can click the Field Filters Button and it should show you the different Filter names and their functions.

Field Filters

Step 1: Open any node that has a text editor and click “Add Fields”

Step 2: Click “Field Filters”

Step 3: You can see all the types of case filtering we have.

  • For dates, you will need to click “Learn more” to see all the date filters and how to use them.

Hashing Algorithms

Hashing algorithms are cryptographic functions that take input data and produce a fixed-size string of characters, which is typically a hash value or hash code.