NOTE: Make sure you specify the corresponding domain you have with Zoho on your request URLS.

Example: If you have an account under then you will include that as well on your Request URL.

Generating your Self Client API

Go to and log in using your Zoho account credentials.

Click add new client and select Self Client.

When generating your Code, you will need to use the Scope required based on where you are sending your lead data. Kindly refer to the scope on the Documentation links below.

For adding a subscriber to Zoho Campaigns:

For adding a contact to Zoho CRM:

Grab the initial Code so you can use it to generate a Refresh token which you will be using for sending POST requests.

Setting up your API and Webhook to Refresh tokens.

Zoho API uses access tokens that you can use to do POST and GET requests. These tokens expire within an hour from generation however you will get a refresh token that you can reuse and generate a new access token for every new lead. This refresh token will not expire.

The 3 main steps for this setup:

1. Grab the Self Client Code to do an Initial Authorize Request so you can have your own access token and Request token.

Result of this initial Authorize Request will look like the image below. Grab the Refresh Token so you can set it up on your API node to generate an access token everytime you send a lead.

2. Set your First API node as shown below to generate an access code before you send lead information to Zoho.

Don’t forget to create a Leadshook Custom Field for “access_token” and set it to text type.

You will be mapping this to the access_token response from the Refresh Token Node so you can reuse it as an access token on the next and final node as shown below.

3. Create your webhook node to pass lead info to Zoho

Your Webhook node body will differ depending on where you are sending your payload. You will need to refer to the official API documentation for Zoho on the link below to see sample post requests.

NOTE: Please use V1.1 for the API on the Zoho Docs

This webhook node will also have a header with the generated access_token from the previous node as shown below.

Set your webhook as shown below when you are sending leads as Subscribers to Zoho Campagin

Set your webhook as shown below when sending leads to Zoho CRM as contacts

Important: This will only cover adding leads as a subcriber to Zoho Campaigns and adding contacts to Zoho CRM.

You will have to refer to their official API Documentation for any other guides on how to send lead info.

You can download the sample DT below.