As of May 2020, we have released brand new chatbot features.

In this guide, we will be exploring some of them.

So, to get started – first you will need to drag and drop a question node on to the canvas & open it for editing.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: To enable the chatbot:

  • Change the content type to “lines”
  • And click on edit to open the chatbot configuration

Step 2: You will see that there are four types of content you can configure:

  • text
  • field
  • image
  • video

The ‘field’ type is the latest feature release ( the other types are self explanatory )

Step 3: The field type configuration looks like this.

  • The ‘content’ input bar is where you type your question. For example “Where do you live?” Or “What is your phone number”
  • The ‘custom field’ drop down is where you specify a custom field to store the answer to your question. It will list all the custom fields available. So you just choose one. ( Note that it will automatically infer the field type based on what field you select )
  • The ‘size’ field is used to specify a width for the answer field. This value must be specified in number of characters ( not pixels ).