Every so often your integration will require API calls to come from a static IP address.

Unfortunately, this method of authentication is dated and is also not scalable to use 1 IP address.

LeadsHook offers redundancy across data centres and regions so there is no ‘one’ IP address as such.

The solution is for you to setup a server or proxy to sit in the middle….

LeadsHook > Proxy With Static IP Address > Your Integration Service

Here is how to setup using a proxy service called NoCodeAPI

Please note: We found NoCodeAPI and it apears to be a great service. We are not associated with NoCodeAPI and the link above is commission-free.

We have not used NoCodeAPI in a production environment. So please do you own research and testing.

How to Setup a Static IP Proxy Using NoCodeAPI

Please watch this video to see step by step instructions

Please refer to this article for more information…