• If you are keen on using the header/footer settings, you probably are aware that you can frame your DT with a menu and custom style too.
  • Normally these menu items are external links, leading out of LeadsHook.
  • However, its actually possible to link to the second node of any DT using the script below.
  • This is useful where you want to repeat an application process ( without showing the start page ).

In any of the header/footer editors copy/paste this button

<button onclick="myFunction()">Goto 2nd Node</button>

function myFunction() {
document.location.href = document.location.href+"?skip=true";

And in the start node source code editor copy/paste this script

$(document).ready(function() {
if (window.location.href.indexOf("skip=true") > -1) {
var scope = $('.app').scope() 

Basically if the parameter exists, then skip to 2nd node

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