We don’t have that feature on purpose.

We planned to add it when we worked with a few users, but they realized the uploaded docs later had to be moved from LH into some other system which didn’t really solve any problems.

So the best approach was to use something like dropbox. Just a button inside LH that opens up the upload page.

You can use Dropbox Requests, Google Drive Forms, or something similar. This way you can use Zapier to fire automations as well and this fits well within an existing workflow.

Here is a couple of really easy possible solutions.

Dropbox Requests

  • You will need to sign up for a dropbox account.
  • Create a new request and copy the link provided. Then in LeadsHook create a hyperlink with this URL.
  • Now you can upload directly to Dropbox.

Google Drive Forms

  • It will save a copy in your Google Drive account. You can modify this script how you like. But it works fine without changing anything.
  • In the run menu, press doGet and authorize the script. It may give you warnings here, so just proceed through the dialogs.
  • Next in the publish menu, select Deploy as web app. Make sure that anyone can upload. Finally, hit the update button. You will be presented with a URL to to use in your Decision Tree. Now, you can upload directly to your Google Drive.

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