This guide outlines how you can use LeadsHook to send data and leads to various external websites from any node within your decision tree. This process is especially useful for redirecting leads to affiliate offers or other external resources.

Here’s a case study on how to direct leads to affiliate offers…

How to Automatically Redirect Leads to Highest Paying Affiliate Offers

You can redirect OUT of LeadsHook from any node…

Click “Redirect upon clicking” to see additional fields

You can also redirect or send the data out that you’ve passed to LeadsHook or collected via custom fields…{first_name}&EMAIL={email}&EXTERNAL_CUSTOM_FIELD={leadshook_custom_field}

You can form URLs using custom fields…{country}/{state}/?EXTERNAL_CUSTOM_FIELD={leadshook_custom_field}

An additional Tip!

You can also add a redirect URL by adding a results page node and tick immediate URL on that node.


Redirecting to external websites from any node in LeadsHook allows for a seamless handoff of your leads to various resources or offers. This guides them through your predetermined funnel path and enhances their user experience.