This guide covers two methods for direct integration of Google Analytics with LeadsHook – Global Scripts installation and Decision Tree Level installation.

Warning! The preferred approach is to use Google Tag Manager because of cross domain tracking issues with direct Google Analytics integration.

Please watch this video to learn why you should be using Google Tag Manager to fire Google Analytics instead of Google Analytics directly.

If you still want to go ahead and install Google Analytics directly then please follow the following steps.

You will miss the benefits of cross domain tracking.

You have 2 options to install Google Analytics (or any other script).

Option 1: Install Google Analytics Under Global Scripts

Option 2: Install Google Analytics at the Decision Tree Level

Se video below for instructions for both options.


While direct integration of Google Analytics is possible, using Google Tag Manager is highly recommended to avoid potential cross-domain tracking issues. Choose the method that best aligns with your tracking requirements and setup.


  • Can I use both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics directly?
    • While technically possible, it’s not recommended due to potential data discrepancies and tracking issues.

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