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In this guide, we will be showing how to convert your current V1 Decision Trees to V2 Decision Trees.
It is as easy as clicking a button, however take note that both versions are using different coding infrastructures. Front end may slight differ. You will need to adjust using appearance setting or CSS if you have an existing design on your V1 Decision Tree.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Log in to your Leadshook account and go to Decision Trees

Step 2: Select the Decision Tree you want to convert and click “Create V2 Button”

  • V1 Decision Trees would have the Create V2 Button while the converted V2 would have a check.

Step 3: Leadshook will clone the V1 Decision Tree using V2 code. Name your new V2 Decision Tree

  • You will then need to test the front end and see if everything is displaying properly.
  • Please make sure to publish when testing the front end of your V2 Decision Tree

Note: V2 will not display exactly like V1, it will be close but not an exact replica pixel per pixel as this is using a different code structure.

For any custom CSS coding from V1, there is a chance that it will not render properly on V2, you will need to have your own developer to fix this and adjust CSS based on how V2 looks.

Step 4: Tracking for V1 and V2 are different. If you previously setup tracking for V1, you will need to set it up again for V2 but this time it is much more easier.

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