If you want to split your Decision Tree into available hours of work and unavailable hours, we need to create a custom field, use some JavaScript for the time, and then use this field in a decision node.

  1. Create a number custom field called hour

2. Copy paste this script into any node

var d = new Date();
var n = d.getHours();

DT.setField('hour', n);

3. Now you have the current hour saved. So you cant print it by surrounding it with curly brackets {hour}

Or you can use it in a decision node.

Note that time is 24 hour format in leadshook.

You can see a working demo here: https://test2.leadshook.io/survey/X5v6dXmbmGOwBoiAHtplUt6rfqDyfPE6eyjE2hTt


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