In this article you’ll learn how to add a Signature Field to your node.

Step 1: Add the Signature Field “[signature]” to the body of your node

Step 2: Click the Signature link on the gear icon located on the right of the Publish button

Step 3: Check the different options for the Signature Field

There will be an option to set the Signature Field as required. When this option is checked, the users will not be able to move forward from this node without a signature.

There’s also an option to require a video or image of the Signer. Please check the box of which one you require, if any, and then add the respective field to the body of your node.

Step 4: Save your node and Publish the Decision Tree to test the Node

Below is an image of how the Signature field looks like.

Signature Custom Field

The signature custom field is already created in the system which you can check on the Custom Fields page under the Signature Tab.

For more information about Custom Fields please check this article: Understanding Custom Fields

Signature Image URL

The signature data and signature image URL can be found on the Leads Page under the Signature section. Please see image below.

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