This guide will walk you through the process of integrating a random number generator into your decision tree. The steps involve creating a calculated custom field and adding appropriate formulas.


  • Basic familiarity with decision trees
  • Knowledge of custom fields

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:  Create a Calculated Custom Field

  • Add a new custom field, “type:calculated”

Step 2: Add one of the Following Formulas

  • randomInt(minimum-value,maximum value) = Integer in-between min and max values

Please note: it’s “randomInt” NOT “randomint”

  • random(minimum-value,maximum value) = Real number in-between min and max values

Step 3: Add your random number generator custom field anywhere in your decision tree

Step 4: Please be sure to activate your decision tree and then test.

 Pro Tips:

  • Double-check your formulas to ensure correct syntax and values.
  • Testing is a crucial step to make sure the random number generator performs as expected.


  • If the generator is not functioning properly, ensure the formula is correctly written in the custom field.
  • Make sure the decision tree is active when testing.


Adding a random number generator can introduce an element of surprise and engagement in your decision tree. Follow these steps meticulously and always validate your setup through testing.


  • Can I use multiple random number generators in one decision tree?
    • Yes, you can create multiple calculated custom fields with different or similar random number generator formulas.