In this article we’ll look at how to setup a dropdown node…

Basic Example…

The Relationship Between Question and Answer Node: Dropdown and Dropdown Custom Fields

Dropbox custom field “supplies” values and labels to a Question & Answer: Dropbox Node.

The reason for separating dropdown custom fields and node is so you can reuse your dropdown custom fields in as many nodes as required.  Examples: states, countries and postcodes.

Remember you’re in complete control so you can simply add values relevant for your case.  Operate in only 3 states?  Then simply add 3 states!


STEP 1: Create a Dropdown Custom Field (see image below)…

  1. Select “dropdown”

  2. Type your custom field

  3. Type your custom field name

  4. Add in your dropdown choices by filling in “Value” and “Label” and then press “Add”.  Repeat until you’ve add all choices.

  5. Sometimes you want to add lots of values, then please click the “Bulk Add” option.

  6. Your dropdown values.

  7. Instruction on what to do.  Please see example above “Please select an animal”


STEP 2: Add Dropdown Node and Select Custom Field

8) Select “Dropdown”

9) Type in your question

10) Click “Add Custom Field” to select your dropdown custom field



STEP 3:  Select Dropdown Custom Field

11. Select custom field by clicking the circle under action.  You’ll see a ‘tick’ as shown below

12. Click “Select”



13. Tick ‘Multiple values” if you want your users to select more than one choice

14. Press “Save”

STEP 5: Test

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