This guide is a collection of tutorials that walk you through the process of altering the appearance of your decision trees. By following these videos, you’ll understand how to tailor the look and feel of your decision trees to match your brand’s aesthetic.


  • A working decision tree in LeadsHook
  • Access to design themes settings

Design Update #1: One-Click Design Themes (or Skins)

Select a Theme

  • Select a theme of your choice without having to modify any other aspect of your decision tree and watch as its appearance transforms immediately. If you’re unsatisfied with the selected theme, you can quickly switch it out for another. Currently, there are five themes available with plans to add more.

This will be a massive time-saver! The theme selection process is simple:

  1. Develop your decision tree.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Launch your decision tree.

Here’s The Complete Training on Designs:

Video 1: How LeadsHook ‘Plants’ Decision Trees On Your Website

Video 2: LeadsHook Decision Trees – Embedded OR Direct Link?

Video 3: How to Change the Look and Feel of Your Decision Tree

Video 4: How to Change the Backgrounds of Your LeadsHook Decision Trees

Video 5: How to Design Answer and Navigation Buttons

Video 6: The ‘Other’ Settings for Pixel Perfect Designs

Video 7: How to Add Custom CSS to Your Decision Trees

Video 8: How to Quickly Design Your Decision Tree – Step-By-Step Example

Video 9: How to Add a LeadsHook Decision Tree Inside WordPress Using Divi


Designing your decision trees in a way that aligns with your branding enhances your user experience. These videos provide a thorough tutorial on customizing the look and feel of your decision trees, making the process simple and efficient.


  • Can I adjust the theme for each individual decision tree?
    • Yes, the theme can be adjusted on a per-decision-tree basis.