In this article, you’ll see a number of videos which explains how to change the look and feel of your decision trees.

Design Update #1: One-Click Design Themes (or Skins)

Select a theme of your choice without making a single change to any other part of your decision tree… and magically the look and feel changes.

You can select a theme, view and change it again if you don’t like it.

There are 5 themes to pick from (more will be added).

This will be a massive time-saver…

1) Create your decision tree
2) Pick a theme
3) Go-live!

Here’s The Complete Training on Designs

Video 1: How LeadsHook ‘Plants’ Decision Trees On Your Website

Video 2: LeadsHook Decision Trees – Embedded OR Direct Link?

Video 3: How to Change the Look and Feel of Your Decision Tree

Video 4: How to Change the Backgrounds of Your LeadsHook Decision Trees

Video 5: How to Design Answer and Navigation Buttons

Video 6: The ‘Other’ Settings for Pixel Perfect Designs

Video 7: How to Add Custom CSS to Your Decision Trees

Video 8: How to Quickly Design Your Decision Tree – Step-By-Step Example

Video 9: How to Add a LeadsHook Decision Tree Inside WordPress Using Divi

If you have need further help then please send us a help request from inside the LeadsHook…

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