This article aims to distinguish between nodes and custom fields when working with checkboxes and multiple-choice options. Nodes guide the flow down the decision tree, while custom fields are variables that store user responses. By comprehending the difference and knowing how to use both, you can effectively design interactive decision trees.

The difference between nodes and custom fields is that nodes are used to define the movement down the decision tree. And custom fields are variables, used to store an answer.

Note that it is possible to combine both nodes and custom fields. So that you ask a question in a node and store the answer in a custom field.


  • Basic familiarity with decision trees
  • Knowledge of nodes and custom fields

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Create Custom Fields 

  • Start by setting up the custom fields, which will be utilized to store the responses users provide.

Step 2: Create Nodes

  • Next, construct nodes for checkboxes and multiple-choice questions. These nodes will determine the path users follow based on their answers.

Step 3: Combine Nodes and Custom Fields

  • By connecting nodes with custom fields, you can ask a question through a node and save the user’s answer in a custom field. This method ensures a seamless flow of your decision tree and efficient data collection.

Step 4: Display Custom Field Answers

  • ¬†Finally, to view the answers stored in custom fields, navigate to your custom fields overview. Here, you’ll see all the responses that users provided.

Pro Tips:

  • Thoughtfully design your decision tree, making sure it’s logical and user-friendly.
  • Regularly check and clean your custom fields to ensure data accuracy and relevance.


  • If custom fields aren’t storing data, confirm that they’re correctly linked to the respective nodes.
  • If nodes aren’t guiding users accurately, recheck the node design and mapping.


Mastering how to use nodes and custom fields in your decision tree, particularly with checkbox and multiple-choice questions, can significantly improve your data collection and user experience. Continue to experiment with different combinations for optimal results.


  • Can I use a node without linking it to a custom field?
    • Yes, you can use a node to guide the decision tree path without necessarily collecting data.
  • What type of data can custom fields store?
    • Custom fields can store various data types, including text, numbers, and user responses to questions.