Butler Service

(We just don’t ‘close’ your ticket)

The improvement in your business outcomes is the only job of LeadsHook…

To ensure you experience results, you have already seen a summary of the extensive training & courses library above — in fact a business growth software is as good as the support behind it.

At LeadsHook our goal is a complete resolution of the issue with our first response…

As such our support to date has included…

LeadsHook Video Support — Live & Recorded

If your question requires a video response, then we’ll record a video to resolve your issue.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a 10-minute video or a 2-hour chat on Skype.  We’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Why are we so generous with our time?

Simple… firstly this is kind of support we want when we buy a product.

More importantly, not everything can solved with a short written reply… and then have days of going back and forth until… we’re both exhausted, frustrated or even angry… and still without a resolution.

Code Hacks

Every so often you’ll need code hacks to change the look and feel of your decision tree.  Simply get back to us and we’ll provide you the code to make your decision tree shine!

How to Setup

LeadsHook is extremely flexible and you can create dynamic content in any as many ways you can possible imagine.  If you ever stuck where you have an idea but don’t quite know how to implement your idea(s).

Then you’re one question away from getting the answer to implement your ideas.

Decision Tree Support

Most decision trees you’ll create are going to contain at least some dynamic content.  Every so often you’ll want to use conditional logic, where you can control how dynamic content is generated.  And, if you run into an issue or need a second-opinion, then please be sure to contact us.  We will login into your account to review your decision tree.

Marketing Review

LeadsHook main function is to help you extract as much profit from your clients as possible.  Sometimes the highest value will not be a change to your decision tree but simple and easy changes to your messaging landing pages, pitch or appeal of your offer, and your funnel.

Yes, we don’t mind doing a review of your entire marketing funnel.

This review is worth many times the price of LeadsHook.

We don’t have any restrictions but fair use applies.  Each review ends with a bunch of action steps.  As long as you implement, we’re happy to go with a deeper review.

To get a review simply post in our forum and you’ll receive the video review in as little as 1 – 3 days.


We actively monitor our forum and reply usually within a few hours. Also the forum has plenty of step-by-steps instructions and in most cases you’ll find the answer there.

Regardless, we’ll direct you if your question has been previously answered.

Review My Setup

If you have ever wanted a code geek to review the implementation of Facebook pixel & events, Google Tag Manager, Conversion and Tracking Scripts, then we’ve got you covered.

Simply ask and we’ll point you in the right direction.