Our users have multiple learning styles.

We offer the following choices for learning and support.

LeadsHook Courses These courses delivered via video which explains what LeadsHook does, the different ways you can use LeadsHook to create decision trees for many different use cases including:

Market Research Lead Generation Sales Conversion Customer Support Post-Sale Product Consumption & Support

These courses are FREE.

Get more details about the LeadsHook courses here.

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LeadsHook Onboarding Course

You’ll also receive our much-loved LeadsHook Onboarding course, delivered via email. You’ll receive an email a day with action steps — we start with the fundamentals of running an online business followed by planning, design and execution of decision trees.

Mastery Courses (Paid) Our mastery courses are not LeadsHook specific.

LeadsHook users asked for courses to teach fundamentals of business. The design of these courses is to enhance capability in 8 specific areas.

Traffic Marketing Persuasion People Systems Analytics Technical Scale Mindset

Some of these courses are still in development.

You can learn more about the Mastery courses here:

[Mastery Courses:]

LeadsHook Video Support — Live & Recorded

If your question requires a video response, then we’ll record a video to resolve your issue. Sometimes it’s as simple as a 10-minute video or a 2-hour chat on Skype. We’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Why are we so generous with our time?

Simple… firstly this is kind of support we want when we buy a product.

More importantly, often a one-line written reply cannot resolve support issues. This creates days of going back and forth until users get frustrated or even angry… and still without a resolution.