Is LeadsHook STILL On Your
‘To Do’ List?

(Sit back, relax and have a custom Decision Tree LIVE in just 10 days.)

Quick question…

Why are you here?

If I was to take a guess, it must be one of 3 reasons: 

  • You’ve known about LeadsHook for a while, but haven’t had the bandwidth to get it up and running

  • You’ve only discovered LeadsHook recently, and don’t want to waste ANY time getting it working for your business

  • You tried to execute LeadsHook before, but you hit an obstacle that stopped you in your tracks

Whatever your reason, we have the solution.

Before I tell you how to execute your campaigns in record time.

I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. 

No One Is An Expert In Every Area Of Their Business

It’s a fact.

If you believe the latest ‘flavor of the month’ online owner…

You’d be forgiven for thinking they’re a master in every part of their business.

A true ninja in the ancient arts of high-level tech, tracking, analytics, persuasion, copy, strategy, finance, and marketing.

I can tell you now.

This is not true.

How do I know?

Because after working with over 3000 users across 25 countries…

In markets covering every niche imaginable…

Horse blankets in Sweden to solar panels in Florida…

From secretive media buying teams spending over $20M per month (yes, month) to absolute newbies…. 

We know all round business wizards don’t exist.

Sure, there must be the odd exception, but for most of us mortals…

The general rule is you’ll be strong in some areas of business and less competent in others.

(That’s life!)

What are your options when you have a new project and need skills you don’t feel comfortable with?

A) You can spend time and energy learning those skills.

But as any business owner knows, both time and energy are constantly in short supply.

(Especially if you have a family and other responsibilities on top)

B) Get suckered into yet another guru course or mastermind that pumps you up with knowledge and insights without any bandwidth or team to execute.
Which naturally takes us to…
C) You could try and find A-team players to complete your project.

That’s only going to cost weeks of time and going through so many self-proclaimed experts until you find everyone needed to complete your project.

Or, you can take the tried and tested approach… 

⭐ D) Signup for a fixed price service run by customer acquisition specialists, so your campaign is ready to face traffic in the quickest possible time.

(And get the project off your ‘To Do’ list for good)

The rule of thumb of successful CEOs across the business world is the “70 percent rule.”

Put simply…

If the person the CEO would like to perform the task is able to do it at least 70 percent as well as he can, he should delegate it.

But what if the CEO doesn’t have the skill set to perform the task at 70%?

Surely that’s a sign they should be getting professionals to help.

And saving the inevitable stress of trying to force a round peg into a square hole. (So to speak.)

Yes, this can come at a financial cost.

But if you weigh up the time, money, stress, and resources spent learning and getting only ‘average’ at something…

And the Opportunity Cost to you and your business… 

The Opportunity Cost Of NOT Using LeadsHook…

Your goal as the CEO is to get to market as fast as possible.

Delays and not executing fast costs real money.

Imagine your new campaign will generate an ADDITIONAL $100,000 per month.

That’s $3333  per day! (These are the type numbers we see from our clients)

But when you delay your campaign that profit becomes your Daily Opportunity Cost…

Also known as…Revenue MISSING from your bank account!

So, each day your new campaign is NOT live, it’s costing you $3333.

Real CEOs Don’t Look At Just The Cost. They Consider Opportunity Cost As Well.

Look at the table and see how much it costs by trying to do this yourself, or with an external team that you’ll have to find, train and manage! 


LeadsHook Done For You Service Do It Yourself External Team
Monthly Revenue Increase From Campaign $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
Daily Revenue Loss from Not Going Live $3,333 $3,333 $3,333
Speed Of Execution 7 - 10 Days 30 - 60 Days 60 Days +
Revenue Lost from Delay -- Real Opportunity Cost $33,333 $200,000 $233,333
Your Time Input 1 - 3 hours 40 + hours Finding + Coordinating Team
Stress Zero You Tell Me...
You'll need Tech, Analytics, Tracking, Marketing, & Copy skills!
Through The Roof -- You'll need to find and project manage a team of people who have expertise in Tech, Analytics, Tracking, Marketing, & Copy skills!
Final Cost Of Decision Tree $3000 - $5500* (Avg) $200,000 + Risk Of Never Launching $233,333 + Risk Of Never Launching
Guarantee 100% Money Back Guaranteed No No
Outcome Guaranteed in 7-10 Days! Expect Cost Blowouts!** Expect Cost Blowouts!**

*Every client has different goals for their Decision Tree which is why we use indicative pricing.
Please note $3 – $5.5k is just an average and additional fees can be added to your quote depending on the project’s complexity and outcomes.

** We have seen projects get dumped time after time! If your needs are somewhat unique like your business, then after weeks of delays and cost blowouts, the project will be abandoned. Why take this unnecessary risk when you can have guaranteed certainty! It makes no sense to take unnecessary risks to grow revenue!

You see…

When to see the $$$ value of getting in a trusted expert and ROI executing fast.

There is no comparison.

Especially when the most important part of your business is at stake… 

Your Customer Acquisition

This is the only skill that puts cold hard cash in the bank…And allows you to solve every other business problem or company headache.

Build a better team…

Get more traffic…

Develop better products…

Invest in yourself…

(You choose)

They all lead to the same result…Scaling your company. 📈 

Decision Trees Are Your
Customer Acquisition Solution
And by now, I’m sure you can see the Power of LeadsHook Decision Trees and what it could do for your business. Whether it’s:
  • Discovering profitable markets that your competitors haven’t even dreamed of
  • Stop blowing Ad spend on markets that’ll never convert and double down on those who do
  • Using advanced behavior-driven market segmentation to increase LTV
  • Creating personalised & dynamic leads magnets & sales pages
  • Creating an unhackable funnel that not even the Einstein of developers could crack
  • Get more higher-quality leads for you or your clients.

So, don’t let history repeat itself.

Let our experts get LeadsHook off your ‘To Do’ list…(For good) 

Your ‘Done For You’ Decision Tree
(In Just 10 Days)

Basically, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Well, we will need initial information about your vision and feedback along the way, so you’re 100% satisfied.

Apart from that… 

All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your completed Decision Tree to be delivered on a silver platter.
Even though we’re taking the wheel, we still want you to know what to expect.
Your Project Phases Explained...
Phase 1: Information Gathering

Firstly, you’ll be sent your project invite.

You’ll provide us with some basic information to ensure you are qualified for this service, and we can fulfill our end of the bargain.

Next, a few straightforward questions about your vision for your campaign to discuss on the Discovery call.

We ask that we get this information back promptly, so we can ‘do our thing.’

Only after you provide us with the information will you receive your invoice.

After we’ve received the payment, we can move on to Phase 2: 

Phase 2: Our Discovery Call

Your chance to ask us any burning questions and bounce your ideas off a sounding board with over 3000 + funnels under their belt.

Here you’ll see your campaign come to life and how you’ll stand out from your competition.

Deliverable: A preliminary plan of action so you get the highest ROI in the least amount of time. We’ll also lay out the ideas we’ll look at in Phase 3. 

Phase 3: Research

We almost always focus on secondary research, which can hide the most rapid profit. (If you know where to look).

Sometimes we may conduct primary research, but it will be exploratory if we feel it’s needed.

Deliverable: We’ll nail down what your Decision Tree will be about and the dynamically generated content to be created for your results page. We’ll also suggest headlines & hooks for your start page. 

Phase 4: Your Decision Tree Prototype

Your completed (But still ugly) prototype Decision Tree is ready. You’ll provide us with feedback on legal and factual clearance in your market. So you don’t get in any legal hot water down the road.

Please note: This is not a “We don’t like this question” type of feedback. There will be room for design & question tweaks in Phase 5.

Deliverable: Your prototype with Start Page, Questions, Forms, Dynamically Generated Results Page including PDF (If needed).b

Phase 4: Your Decision Tree Prototype

Your completed (But still ugly) prototype Decision Tree is ready. You’ll provide us with feedback on legal and factual clearance in your market. So you don’t get in any legal hot water down the road.

Please note: This is not a “We don’t like this question” type of feedback. There will be room for design & question tweaks in Phase 5.

Deliverable: Your prototype with Start Page, Questions, Forms, Dynamically Generated Results Page including PDF (If needed).

Phase 5: ‘Pretiffy’ My Decision Tree

Our design team will evaluate your current brand’s look and feel and make something consistent with that unless you tell us otherwise.

Deliverable: Completed and custom-designed Decision Tree 

Phase 6: Your Integrations

We’ll integrate with a CRM or email marketing system of your choice.

(To ensure we can integrate with your specific CRM or ESP, we will confirm our discovery call.)

We also integrate with Zapier and can even set up with 3rd parties that accept leads via webhooks. This means almost always we can integrate with your system.

Deliverable: Completed integration, including mapping of custom fields and tags creation and explanations of work completed. 

Phase 7: Embedding Into Your Website

We’ve got clients who embed their Decision Trees inside WordPress, ClickFunnels, Instapage, and Unbounce. Almost always, we can integrate with any 3rd party platform system that accepts embed codes.

Deliverable: Your completed embedded Decision Tree inside your website or landing page.

Phase 8: Tracking & Analytics

A thorn in even the most experienced marketers’ side.

We’ll set up a unique GTM Container, so you can track your decision tree using Google Analytics and Facebook, and any other tracking or analytics solution you’re using.

(If you’re not sure…Just ask)

We’ll also add javascript events through your Decision Tree for remarketing & retargeting using Facebook and Google Ads.


A LeadsHook Decision Tree uses embedded code, so the tracking is not as simple as a standard Google Analytics setup.


But rest assured, the technical wizardry is OUR problem. ⚡
Deliverable: A solution including javascript events for world-class tracking and analytics. 

Phase 9: Final Handover

You’ll now have your fully optimized Decision Tree ready to go. You’ll also receive as part of the handover:

Explainer Video

  • A step-by-step video of how we created your Decision Tree and how to make future edits if needed.
  • This video can be used for internal training or as a guide to creating any future Decision Trees without needing our service again.

Your Traffic Plan

  • Ideas and suggestions for traffic, including Appeals and Headlines for your Ads
  • Suggestions on suitable Traffic Sources
  • Post-Leads-Capture Monetisation suggestions (New revenue streams) 
Phase 10: Review & Tweaking

As soon as you drive your test traffic, we’ll be on hand to discuss your progress and what tweaks you should test.

Now you can scratch LeadsHook permanently off your ‘To Do’ List and concentrate on scaling your business. 

Who is this for?
  • Anyone who would LOVE to use LeadsHook but doesn’t have the bandwidth to execute at the moment

  • Anyone who wants a fully operational Decision Tree in days…Not weeks, months, or even years (Seriously, this happens)

  • Anyone who struggles with the technical side of campaigns and would rather have a root canal than learn

  • Anyone who knows they can’t be experts at EVERYTHING and knows smart business owners delegate tasks when things…Need…To…Get…Done!

  • Anyone who values their time and would rather use it doing the things they love than learning a new platform from scratch

  • Anyone who wants a winning edge over their competition

  • Anyone who wants to increase their margins, lower their ad costs and scale their business

  • Anyone sick of throwing money away on Ads to groups that will NEVER convert. (And have the data to prove it)

  • Anyone who knows the key to winning in their market is being Data-driven and not relying on guesswork.

  • Anyone who wants to OWN accurate 1st data instead of overpaying for expensive skewed 3rd party data.

  • Anyone who wants to protect their online business against ever stricter data privacy laws could damage them and their family income in the future

But really, it comes down to this…

Anyone Who Wants More Higher Quality Leads. (And Become a Customer Acquisition God)

Who is This NOT for?
  • Anyone who has got the time to learn LeadsHook, on top of running their business, taking care of themselves or family, and enjoying a healthy work-life balance

  • Anyone who’s not interested in finding new profitable market segments that your competitors don’t know about

  • Anyone who doesn’t want their business to scale and is happy to stay as they

  • Anyone who wants to stay in the herd and enjoys fighting with their competitors for leads

  • Anyone who loves paying for expensive, lower quality leads

  • Anyone who wants to work harder, NOT smarter.
Your Investment

LeadsHook is not your average Lead Gen tool.

This is a highly advanced customer acquisition & LTV solution.

Now, if you’ve ever had custom work from a developer who knows their stuff…

You’ll know it isn’t cheap.

If you were to get a Decision Tree with the same functionality, market segmentation abilities, API and integration options, and personalized sales pages and lead magnets… 

…Hardcoded by a developer

You’d easily be paying upwards of $15,000 to $30,000.

(Some would charge more.)

And you’d be waiting months for the privilege.

Even then, there’s no guarantee of getting what you paid for.

The code could be messy, broken, and just not work.

Or, worse case, they can just take the money and run.

It’s a BIG gamble.

At LeadsHook, we do things differently.


In just 10 days, you get market researched, optimized Decision Tree designed for advanced lead generation, lead nurturing, high-level market segmentation, and increased customer LTV.


The team creating it has combined experience of 3000 + funnels under their belt in every niche imaginable, giving you access to hard data on what works and what doesn’t.


After delivery, you have a professional team on hand to get the best out of your new asset and advise you on any future modifications.

All for Thirty Thousand Dollars…

Not even close

Starting at just $3000

Please Note:

Decision trees can become quite complex, so be prepared for our quote to increase the more complex you want your Decision Tree.

Don’t worry; you will know the final price before we start anything.

But rest assured, it’ll only be a fraction of what you’d be expected to pay anywhere else.

With LeadsHook, you also get… 

What Are Your Options?

Can I be straight with you?

You already believe LeadsHook has something interesting to offer your business.

And you’re 100% right…It does.

But now you have a decision to make.

Option 1#

You try to design and set up your Decision Tree yourself. (Possibly again)

In the next week, you promise you’ll find the time to concentrate solely on the LeadsHook platform and spend a few hours (you haven’t got) learning skills that don’t come naturally to you.

As the days progress, you dedicate less and less time because life and business just “Get’s In The Way”.

In a month or 2…

You’ll come round to the reality you haven’t got the bandwidth to give LeadsHook the attention it needs.

And your hit with the realization…

If you had just invested in a ‘Done For You’ Decision Tree, your campaign would be in full flow, scaling like you wanted.

But the biggest kick in the teeth…

While checking out the competition, you notice your competitor has a Decision Tree up on their site, using all the LeadsHook customer acquisition power at their disposal.

Or, the is another way:

Option 2#

See if you qualify for a LeadsHook DFY Decision Tree.

After a few questions, you’ll spend an hour on a Discovery call with The Project Team to make your vision for your Decision Tree a reality.

Sit back and relax, knowing you’ll have your advanced marketing asset fully operational in the next 10 days…

And be one of only a handful of companies worldwide using data-driven decisions to scale their business successfully.

And market leaders can not speak highly enough of LeadsHook ⬇️ 

Yep, it’s true.

Here’s the deal…

You’ll have 60 days to drive at least 5000 impressions to your Decision Tree. And if it doesn’t generate leads to your satisfaction, you can have your money back.

Every penny.

To the best of our knowledge, I have never seen anyone give a money-back guarantee for service-based work.

But we’re so confident in LeadsHook…We are happy to. 

What Are Your Options?

Before you apply, we do have 2 important qualifiers for this service:

  1. We Are Not a Traffic or Media AgencyWe do not manage day-to-day campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

    However, we are happy to work with an internal or external marketing team.

    (We can provide recommendations of agencies we know, like, and trust if required. Just ask)

  2.  We Have Limited AvailabilityDue to the amount of work and team resources required to complete your Decision Tree, we work on a ‘one in – one out’ policy.

    Please only apply if you are serious about a ‘Done For You’ Decision Tree.

    If there are currently no spots available, we will let you know.

If you match all the above criteria, we would love to hear from you. 

🚨Apologies...Fully Booked Until Further Notice🚨

At LeadsHook, we aim to deliver the highest levels of service with every DFY project we take on.

As a result, we only take on a limited number at a time to maintain quality, and unfortunately, at the moment, we’re currently at capacity for the foreseeable future.

If you are still interested in our DFY service, please still reach out to us via this page to be added to the waiting list.

When the next slot is available, we will be in contact.

Thank you for your understanding.

LeadsHook Project Team 

One last thing.

Ask yourself…

Have you ever not executed a project for your business because you struggled to find the bandwidth?

You are not alone.

This happens to the best of us.

Don’t let this happen with LeadsHook. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Looking forward to giving you a different result.

LeadsHook Project Team 


Q) How much input will be expected from me to get this over the finish line?

A) As close to ‘none’ as we can get.

We’re here to take as much stress off your shoulders as we can.

Apart from answering some initial questions, a 1-hour discovery call, and some feedback…

That’s it.

Q) Just remind me, what’s included in my ‘Done For You’ Decision Tree?

We do everything and give you a fully designed and optimized Decision Tree ready to run on delivery.

✔️Market Research

✔️Custom Design

✔️Custom Copy on Start Page and Results Page


✔️Custom Lead Magnets, Reports, Calculators, and Charts

✔️Tracking & Analytic

✔️All API, CRM & other Integrations

✔️Review & Tweaks

Q) OK, what’s not included?

A) We do not run traffic campaigns. (We can recommend trusted companies if you ask)

That being said…

We will work with you and your team or external company and provide a Traffic Plan as part of the service.

Q) You’ve step-by-step instructional videos in your Knowledge Base…Why can’t I follow them?

A) You can.

We’re very proud of our Knowledge Base and the training we provide.

But some businesses don’t have the time to go through our training. (No matter how much they want to.)

It’s as simple as that.

Q) I’ve seen developers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork charge less than $3000 to complete a complex project like this.

Why wouldn’t I use them?

A) I’m not surprised.

There will always be someone cheaper. (Just look at your industry)

I’m sure there are some talented individuals on those sites; however, for the complexity of advanced Decision Tree, in under 2 weeks, with ongoing support?

You have more chance of finding a unicorn in your backyard. 🦄

But if you do find someone who can…

Please let us know, as we’d love to hire them at LeadsHook 😉

Q) Are my competitors using LeadsHook?

A) Did you know in the years LeadsHook has been about, we haven’t spent a single Dollar on acquiring new customers…

Instead, all our clients have come from referrals.

So, at this point, we are still very much underground. And the chance your competition knows about us or is ahead of the game like you is HIGHLY unlikely.

But soon, we will start reaching out to the masses.

So if you want to use the full power of LeadsHook and dominate your competitors, the time is now.

Q) Who will complete the work?

A) Only qualified members of the LeadsHook team.

Combined, they’ve worked on thousands of Decision Trees, and so they’re the only people we trust.

Q) You said there was a Guarantee?

A) Yep, we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee.

Drive at least 5000 impressions, and if your Decision Tree does not generate leads to your satisfaction, then you can have your money back.

Every penny, no questions asked.