What do you notice about this website?

There are 20,000 products to pick from.

Choice overload!

Overwhelm in the new norm.

“nearly 74% of users get frustrated with websites that don’t deliver personalized content.”

Source: Personalize Your Marketing With Dynamic Content 7 Easy Ways to Multiply Your Conversions
by SharpSpring

It’s time to offer personalized recommendations where your offer is aligned to the problems, frustrations, pains and desired outcomes your website visitors will share with you….

How to Create Personalized Offers

Create a virtual e-commerce sales person to learn and discover your website visitors needs, wants and desires… 

… then, recommend a product.

Check out the video below to see how easily you can execute personalized offers…

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to design a personalized marketing campaign for your E-commerce products…
  • How to automatically uncover which customer is in one of over 24000 market segments.
  • How to create 4096 personalized landing pages automatically… and still only recommend one product (but you can suggest more products or different products including bundles of products).
  • Discover the profiling power of a ‘checkbox’ question.