LeadsHook allows you to add as many users as you want.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only an OWNER of an account can ADD new users.

Before you add a user you need to understand our permission levels.


  • Owners: users who created the account.  The person who entered their credit card to create a LeadsHook account.
  • Admin: Admins have the same access owners except they can’t access the billing or user management.  Admin users have access to Leads and also the ability to download leads.
  • Users: Users have the same access as admins except they don’t have access to your Leads UI

Note: Adding team members in Account Manager is not adviseable anymore. Please add new team members directly inside your LeadsHook dashboard.

Step 1: Go to your LeadsHook dashboard and then click “Admin”

Step 2: Click “Users”

Step 3: Click “Invite Team Member”

Step 4: Input the new team member’s email

Step 5: Select the desired role

Step 6: Click “Save”

Your new user(s) will be notified via email.  Please let your new users know to accept the invitation.

Once your users have created their user access, they will automatically be associated with your account at the permission level you have granted.

Additional Note: Once the user accesses the email invite he/she will be redirected to two pages depending on the scenario:

1. Redirect to Password creation page. (This applies to users who were not invited or registered under any Leadshook account before). Once they create a password, they will then redirect to the login page where they will need to use “Login form” button to login.

2. Redirect to the Leadshook account login page. (This applies to users who were already invited to a Leadshook account before, they click “Login form” and use the Leadshook password they have created before , or just click “Sign in to Leadshook” to use their Account Manager password.


Additional Note: For users who currently have an Account Manager password, you can use your Account Manager credentials and use the “Sign in to Leadshook” Button.

You also have the option to use the “Login Form Button” However you will need to set your password under Profile inside Leadshook and you can then log in using the “Login Form Button”.


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