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I have received a few questions about embedding decision tree and the display problems of the embedded version.

Firstly, we serve many thousands of impressions per day so are confident enough to say it’s not the embed code. Clients doing thousands of leads per day have teams and code checking for uptime… and they will let us know if we stuff something up.

A decision tree is dynamic with adjusting heights from question to question so fixed height containers can give problems.

Here’s how to trouble shoot:

Please watch this video on our training portal. Access from HELP > TRAINING & COURSES after you login to LeadsHook

Module 4 – Unit 4.
https://www.leadshook.com/module-4/d…decision-tree/ 1

Embed your decision tree at your earliest. If you are using a landing page editor or builder like instapage or unbounce etc, then you can have issues.

Most don’t have adjustable heights for container where you embed your code.

If you’re have issues, test as per STEP 3 below. This will save you hours.

STEP 3: Go to http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ 3

Cut and paste your embed code as shown in this image. Reduce width of your browser window to see what your quiz looks like on mobile devices.

Click image for larger version Name:

STEP 4: Use WordPress

Why? Because it loads content cleanly and adjusts heights automatically.

This will save you a lot of time trying to make things work.

If a decision tree is not loading on WP, then something may be wrong. Please contact us.

Generally speaking we will not provide support for page builders etc. We simply take your embed code and test it on a clean WP site. If it loads correctly, then it’s not a LeadsHook issue.

No point wasting time when there plenty of free and cheap alternatives that work.

Personally, I use WordPress, Divi Theme and Divi Page Editor plugin.


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