How to know if you lack technical capability that is stopping your progress.

If you can NOT answer yes to all of these questions, then your time is better served to learn the technical aspects of online marketing.

Would you allow a butcher to perform surgery on you? You would not expect a surgeon to operate on you without the required training… so please do yourself a favour.

Slow down and gain some understanding and mastery of the technical aspects of online marketing. A solid foundation is a prerequisite to blast-off.

  1. I use website editors and builders
  2. I can FTP files to my webhost
  3. I can add scripts to your site or pages
  4. I know what it means when someone say “opening HEAD” or “closing BODY” tag
  5. I can buy a domain, get a hosting account and edit the DNS to point my domain to host and bring my website to life.
  6. I can use Google Analytics
  7. I can install WP, plugins & themes
  8. I know exactly what to do when I see these instructions “embed this page on your website using an iframe”.

There are many courses online on all aspects of online training. We don’t have recommendations because we have not reviewed any courses. We only recommend material we have tried and reviewed.

Gotta have Skin-In-The-Game! :slight_smile:

PS:I have not used or reviewed Team Tree House but someone on an FB group recommended these:

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