WARNING! This page is for intermediate to advanced users only.

PLEASE NOTE: This script is provided to help LeadsHook users who are advanced and know enough php to make edits and enhancements to this script. We do not provide support.

You need to have some experience working with php code. This is not too difficult because it’s mostly copy, pasting and editing existing code.

Please download the file below and change it’s extension from .txt to .php

Then open it up in your text/code editor and ensure the custom fields you’re passing to this page have been created.

What does this script do? This script (to create a landing page) allows you to capture and display custom fields that you have pass out of LeadsHook via a redirect URL. Further if custom fields are missing then you can redirect to a page that is not using custom fields.

https://www.leadshook.com/wp-content/files/personalised-landing-page.txt 2

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