Adding a Date is a 4 step process.

  1. Create a custom field for date, e.g. {date}
  2. Date script.  Please see file linked below.
  3. Adding a bit of HTML on your Start Page (or any other node before you want to add a date)
  4. Adding a date custom field, such as {date}

Step 1: Add a Custom Field

Please select field type as “text”.

Step 2: Add date script in the tracking section

1: Click the gear icon

2: Select ‘Tracking’

3: Go to Decision Tree Scripts and click Add…

Get the date script from here:

4: Add a name for this script, e.g. Date

5: Select Above </head> from the dropdown

6: Copy and paste the script as-is.  Please be sure to add opening and closing script tags, <script> </script> as shown below.

Step 3: Add the following line html to the text editor in the Start Page (or any other node BEFORE nodes upon which you want to display today’s date.

8: Click the Source icon

9: Copy and paste the following html:

<p><input id=”date” name=”date” style=”display:none;” type=”text” /></p>

date is the custom field you created in step 1.

10: Add {date} to any node where you want to display today’s date.  You can add your custom field as many times as you want in node and also into as many nodes as you want…

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