… and the 8 Core Lead Generation Capabilities You Must Master!

How Many of These 8 Core Lead Generation Capabilities Do You Suck At?

I wanted to share some interesting lessons we’ve learnt from working with some of the best lead generators and marketers on the planet…

Last year, I created a decision tree that assesses people on 8 core capabilities that I think people need to be great at lead gen. This assessment didn’t test for things like operations, finance and other important functions that makes a business work — don’t want to devalue the importance or effects of these other areas but I only wanted to learn about revenue generation capability.

Here are the 8 areas…

  • 1) Persuasion
  • 2) Marketing
  • 3) Technical
  • 4) Systems/Processes
  • 5) People
  • 6) Scale Mindset
  • 7) Analytics
  • 8) Traffic

Marketers doing 100k+ leads per month… month-in, month-out don’t have weaknesses. Their worst scores in any of the above core capabilities are well above the median scores.

They also get outcomes like 50-60%+ opt-ins on cold traffic so most of their focus is on conversions. Once you’re doing 60% there is little to gain without having a high lifetime value — this is why their mindset score is perfect or almost perfect.

Here’s an example of a mindset question:

You’ve learn 5 new strategies at a mastermind.

Which action will you take?

  • A: Assess all 5 and pick the best one.
  • B: Implement all 5

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