Case Study: Sell Live Events, Courses or Info Products?

Then checkout this self-profiling lead generation method.

Leads go through a LeadsHook decision tree where their answers are used to create a profile of their skills and capabilities.

Leads identify their own gaps… and their scores are plotted on a chart on dynamically created personalized thank you page (we call it a results page).

This ‘results-page’ can be a personalized sales letter, offers incl. CPA/affiliate offers, reports… and even a personalized PDF. Imagine providing a personalized financial plan, fitness advice, career recommendations, traffic analysis and <insert your market>

In this video you’ll see specific speakers recommended whose sessions help to ‘close’ the gaps. This turns selling an event into selling a solution to a self-identified problem.

Press Play to Watch this Case Study Video…

Thank you Stephen Esk for your permission to share what we did.

Here’s the decision tree in action……/

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P.S. Time to Retire the Quiz Funnel.