The Key To Higher Quality Leads…Qualification

The Key To Higher Quality Leads…Qualification

The Key To Higher Quality Leads…Qualification

 (30% conversion for a $50k product!)


What is the ONE thing all these industries have in common?

Whether you’re selling High or Low ticket offer, SaaS products, Ecom, Services, Info Products & Courses…

(Or anything in between)

They are all looking for higher-quality
leads that CONVERT.

If your funnel is only sucking up trashy leads…

  • You can BLOW thousands in Ad spend on market segments that’ll never buy in a million years

  • WASTE hours on the phone, or sending endless back and forth emails with time wasters

  • Accept the fact your bottom line will stay the same, and your business will NEVER scale.

What’s the solution?


The theory is simple.

When you have a solid qualification process, you ask the questions and listen to what your customers are telling you…

Then use their answers to give them products and offers they are actually happy to hand over money for.

NOTE: Even qualifying your prospect with a few simple questions can bump your conversions whatever your niche or your price point.

Decision Tree
Qualification Matrix

A good friend of LeadsHook put together a qualification Decision Tree for one of his agency clients…

And the results are insane.

30% conversion for a $50k product! (Off Organic Traffic)

And in his own words:

Conversions to sales are HUGE

How would these numbers affect your bottom line?

Take just 5 minutes and watch the video below, and imagine what qualification can do for your business.

Now, you may think that this Decision Tree is complicated.

And if you don’t have the skills, team, or time to execute, it might be…

But we have the solution…

Our ‘Done For You’ Decision Tree Service.

To discover more, and get a Full Decision Tree Qualification Matrix for your own  business.

And start collecting higher quality leads in just 10 days…

Click Below


CASE STUDY: Find Your Next Winning Angle In The Real Estate Market

CASE STUDY: Find Your Next Winning Angle In The Real Estate Market

[CASE STUDY]: How To Find Your Next Winning Angle In The Real Estate Market

 (Or Any Market For That Matter)

In 2022, you’ll struggle to find a market or industry where there isn’t any competition…

Thanks to an extended booming housing market, Real Estate is one of them.

In fact…It’s saturated.

With thousands of agencies, real estate companies, and realtors, all jostling for positions and screaming at the top of their lungs to make themselves heard.

But with SO much noise, how are each of them standing out?

They’re not.


Most of the people in this space are all screaming the same thing, to the same groups of people.

And in a lot of cases…

Copy and pasting each other’s campaign hooks and angles.

Meaning, that in the end, the prospects can’t differentiate one company from another and it’s just a blur of the same type of Ads on repeat.

But this isn’t just Real Estate.

Look at any market…Solar, Debt, SaaS, Ecom, Services, Info products(The list is endless)

It’s the same story.

That’s good news though…

This is YOUR Advantage

To win…

You just need to be more creative with your strategy and look outside the box.

This brings me to a post from our LeadsHook Facebook Group.

(If you haven’t joined yet…PLEASE DO. The knowledge you can pick up here will change your thinking around your future campaigns forever)

The post is from LeadsHooks CEO, Nik Thakorlal, about how to stand out in the Real Estate Market.

Keep In Mind:
Even though the industry in question is Real Estate, this process can be used time and time again for ANY industry.

The Post

The Solution

Nik, never known to disappoint, gave Youn his 2 cents…

Ironically, the advice he gave is worth a hell of a lot more once you go through his process.

Here is Nik’s answer in full:

Like all markets, the way to come up with ideas is to follow a process.

Here’s the process I use.

Mostly unconscious until recently – I have been doing some consulting work recently, which has allowed me to document these steps.


Here’s a summarized version…

✅ Step 1) Break the market into segments (Groups of people who may buy the same thing but for different reasons).

Step 2) Product Category (Low involvement vs High involvement).

E.g. Buying a shampoo is generally low involvement, except for someone who is looking for a shampoo for things like lice or balding.

Similarly, Real Estate is highly involved except for the professional property investor who has done quite a few deals.

For them, a property purchase is like buying shampoo. They have set heuristics to make most of the decisions.

However, for a single property owner (most people), selling a high-priced asset is a high involvement decision and one that is often not 100% clear,

I.e. They bounce from “Do we sell or hold?”

Look at the involvement factor and cater your hook to them.

Step 3) Segment Value

Each segment has its own size and value.

The formula is – Value of a segment = Size x Value.

You can get both of these from keyword research volume x CPCs.

Note: I used to do massive spreadsheets but found a casual look at keyword lists and CPCs to get some idea, was just as good as being detailed and granular.

(i.e. doing those massive spreadsheets).

The most important part of this process is recognizing there ARE segments, and they have their own value

(i.e. Motivations, Desires, and Pain).

Step 4) “Zeitgeist” Overlay

Firstly my apologies to our German users.  My use of this word is probably a bit crude! I see it as the ‘current’ mood.

What’s the ‘mood’, and can you use it?

Cost of living and inflation are 2 themes that are currently working well. (June 2022)

You can consider the secondary effects as well.

Back to Real Estate…

For sellers, its prices falling.

For buyers, its prices are rising. Both can happen but for different reasons.

Step 5) Break Up The Market Into Their Respective Segments.

This is finding reasons for selling…

There is a spectrum:

“Have to sell”


“Hell no – I LOVE my place”

An example is situations like deceased estates, divorce, etc:

Then think outside the box.

Here in Australia, you can get access to court docs, and that’s one of the techniques taught by some gurus on how to buy homes under market value.

These sellers’ leads are only a small part of the market but are pretty likely to sell.

Then comes the ‘Sentiment’ market…

Watching the 6pm news might give you the perception, that the sky is falling…

Recent buyers would be much more sensitive to this.

Lastly, those who bought years ago and are sitting on massive gains and have zero motivation to move for financial reasons.

They will move due to changes in circumstances like retirement and/or health issues.

The retirement market is big. (But perhaps captured by financial planners.)

Step 6) Ripoff what’s working…

While “What’s the price of my home” works, it’s because to people entering the market, it’s a new hook.

This will stop working or not work as well when the number of competitors increases.

The first person who used this hook probably killed it, but now there are 50 people using the same hook, and it does not work as well.

Since this appeal has worked, rip it off with variations…

  • What’s the best way to get the highest price
  • The single most important factor to get the best price
  • High Inflation: Is now a good time to sell?
  • Selling Your Home With Rising Interest Rates
  • Home Sellers Guide to Selling When Cost of Living is Rising

You get the idea…

Once you’ve mapped out your segments, run test ads for each one and create hooks for respective market segments.

Put the headline in your ADs using your URL params and replace it dynamically.

This is much more important than the DT part. 

(I hate saying this…) 

Decision Trees help to facilitate the hook, not the other way around.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Also, for inspiration swipe headline & bullet ideas from this old boardroom Ad.

Is that it…


Nik’s the man that keeps on giving…

“I forgot to mention…

There are clients in every market who have committed, done the research but have not signed or pulled the trigger yet.

You can steal these primed leads as well…

  • Simple Test to Ensure You’re Signing with the Right Realtor
  • 3 Questions You Must Ask Your Realtor Before Selling
  • Will Your Realtor Get the Best Price? – Take this simple test.

(These are all ‘Bottom Of Funnel’ appeals.)”


And there you have it.

Finding winning hooks doesn’t have to be have become a game of ‘Follow the leader’…

Instead, If you follow Nik’s process above you’ll be sure to uncover angles and appeals that are yet to be discovered…

Even in saturated markets.

Which means you’ll get the biggest slice of the financial pie and leave your competitors fighting for scraps.



To see the original post on the LeadsHook Facebook, Click Here.


Did you find this breakdown on how you can discover different hooks interesting?

Do you need a hand to find those hidden profitable markets for your own niche?

We Can Help

After working on over 3000+ funnels in every industry imaginable, the LeadsHook team has the process down to a fine art.

And we offer bespoke services where our talented Project Team does all the heavy lifting for you.

So you access these highly profitable insights into your own niche in matter of days without you lifting a finger.

If this sounds like your type of service you’d like for your own business, reach out today by filling in the form below.

We will be in touch within 24 hours to see how we can help you dominate your market in 2022.

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“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

(From The Vault of A Multi-Billion Dollar Marketing O.G)

In every industry, true giants don’t come along that often.

And in marketing, it’s no different.

But when they do, they rewrite the rules for generations to come.

Mr. Makepeace (A great name too…) was one of the giants.

Sadly, he passed away on 24 March 2020.

However, during his career, Clayton Makepeace was responsible for billions of revenue for companies like Rodale and Boardroom.

Back in the mid to late 2000s, he created a number of products about direct response marketing and copy.

One of his best was “The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach”.

And if you could describe it as anything, I think it’s the equivalent of an encyclopedia of marketing.

While Desktop Copy Coach is a great resource, his blog was equally impressive. Sadly his website and blog are no longer available…

Luckily Nik, our CEO, had the foresight to take screenshots and PDF’ed every page of his blog.

(Nik does NOT mess about when it comes to Marketing Education)

And a little while back, while searching for a specific Clayton Magalog, he stumbled across one of his blogs posts titled,

“The Single Most Powerful Response Boosting Tool”

It contains what Clayton called “My 37-Point Acid Test for Direct Response Copy”

Which is Clayton’s own copy self-assessment tool which gives you a grade from A to F.

Then Nik, turned the whole thing into, you guessed it…

A Decision Tree Using LeadsHook 🙂

So, if you have any copy, you want to run through a godfather of marketing’s own checklist to see what’s missing…

Now is the time.

Because spending a minute or two for a quick assessment is going to be far cheaper than going live with your own real money!

Don’t worry either.

There are no opt-ins or marketing shenanigans to jump over to use Clayton’s tool.

Click the button below to get your own grade from Clayton.

After you’ve given your copy the once over, maybe you’ll be interested to see how Nik put the Decision Tree together.

Thats in the video below. 



If you want to discover more about Clayton, you should be able to find his articles using


The example above is just one example of way a Decision Tree & LeadsHook can be used to make engagement interesting and valuable to visitors to your website.

We also have a host of ‘Done For You’ Services where we can execute similar Decision Trees in days.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please reach out by filling in the form below.

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“The Most Powerful Word In Marketing…”

“The Most Powerful Word In Marketing…”

“The Most Powerful Word In Marketing…”

Like it or not, Facebook is a necessary evil in the marketing world.

Whether you use it for pushing your products…

Networking your way to the top…

Or finding the solution to your latest funnel conundrum…

It has its place.

And if you wade through the sludge long enough, you’ll even find groups providing REAL value.

But this isn’t an article listing the best places to find marketing gold on Facebook.

(Chances are you’ve already found them) 

Instead, it’s about a trend I’m sure you’ve seen over the last few years.


In fact, I want to talk about one post in particular. ⬇️

I won’t reveal his name as it’s not important.

But it was written by a friend of LeadsHook in a popular copywriting FB group.

Now, you might be thinking:

“That’s a valid question.”


More learning towards:

“That’s classic clickbait.”

Well, whichever side of the fence you’re on, this question is not as simple to answer as it appears.

I’d suggest you continue reading as I think you will enjoy going down this rabbit hole.  

Before we go on, let me ask you first…

“THE most powerful WORD in marketing is..?”

What’s your knee-jerk answer?




Well, the author of the post’s answer was:

“ASK…You have to ask your market what they want.”

This is a GOOD answer, but it doesn’t go far enough…

At LeadsHook, this was our CEO, Nik Thakorlals answer:

“Asking is incomplete and sometimes takes us way off track.

The lion in the wild does not dance, and it differs from the dancing lion at a circus.

The circus lion has forgotten or never learned to hunt.

In the same way, the lion from the wild is more likely to eat the ringmaster than dance in the circus…

They look the same, but if we ‘asked’ them, we’d get two different answers.

The only way to bypass some of these big issues we face when doing market research (not possible to get rid of all) is to split-test various positionings / appeals.

That way, we can see WHO is buying what and then ASK to see if we can learn something.

We’re not saying don’t ask…

But it’s not the remedy for marketing success.

Why not just ask?

There are 6 main reasons (And probably some more if you look hard enough)  

 Researcher Bias (A Big one)  

Sampling Error 

 Self-Selection Bias (Especially Online) E.g. Audience that FB likes vs FB conversions.

 Response Bias

 Non-Response bias

Confirmation Bias

Discover More Types of Biases Here.

All of these can be minimized if a big budget exists.

Otherwise, it’s just too expensive to do good valid research.

We find it more insightful quickly check out old promos, see comments and reviews on Amazon, Reddit, blogs, etc.

The language and emotional intensity are much more authentic when someone is angry or when a person is delighted.

Then come up with 2-5 big ideas/positioning to test and shove into the marketplace. 

Get a bloody nose and reiterate.”

And having reviewed over 3000 funnels, and counting…Nik knows what he’s talking about.

So, How Does Relate To Your Business?

Glad you asked 😉

Peter Drucker is quoted to have said:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

For us, drilling down on market segmentation, customer profiles, or customer avatars is the most strategic activity in any business.

But, whatever you call it, ultimately, it is a profile of the person (or group of people) who is most likely to benefit from your products and services.

And yes, there are attempts at market segmentation…

But most are overly simplified and thus become useless. 

(Only considering data like age, gender and geography are just not robust enough to be useful.)

TRUE market segmentation is also about understanding the emotional needs of your market…

Or their proverbial ‘Hot-Buttons.’ 🔥 

Here’s an example:

A few popular angles to sell a Fat loss product are:

  • Get a hard attractive body
  • Attract an ideal partner
  • Get a new lease on life and grow old gracefully without pain and suffering.

However, each of these appeals may have similar demographic and geographic profiles. 

It’s not that easy to differentiate them.

Of course, we can pick up FB audience insights also to show us different interests. But are these variances enough?

Not really.

What’s the real problem here?

Each of these appeals has a totally different emotional hot button, and the tone, imagery, and sales process will sometimes be different.

How do you find these appeals and positioning?


If you’re using LeadsHook…

The basic idea is to cast wide and then track who converts…

Then use Reverse Market Research and Pivot Tables on your Decision Tree to see who is giving you recurring revenue, and learn about your profitable market segments.

The common issue is most people split-test horizontally.

Split-test Opt-in page A vs Opt-in page B.

And then sales page X vs Y

The problem with horizontal split-testing is the “hidden” assumption that optimization at each step gives the same outcome as optimization at the lifetime value level.

They are NOT the same. 

I’ve seen funnels where a market segment does not convert well with any opt-in page but has the highest lifetime value. 

In most badly run tests, this group of people will never be discovered because their page will be deemed a failure and removed…

Even though they’re the ideal customer.  

This is a sure-fire way to miss your source of highest profits.

This can be avoided, of course.

By sharpening your Market Segmentation, and making 100% sure your campaign’s technical side is ‘fixed up’ so your Decision Trees are delivering you all the relevant data.

This will side step the “Just Ask” method and any biases that comes with it.

Instead you’ll have REAL data on your market.

Meaning you won’t miss any groups who’ll scale your business…And you’ll stop pumping wasted Ad dollars into the groups who won’t. 

This is why the ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul exists…

For those who know data is the key to finding those ‘hidden’ profitable segments. 

And those who find the technical mumbo jumbo of marketing makes them want to punch a hole in their laptop.

And those experiencing issues like these…

🛑 Data or leads not transferring?

🛑 Not tracking much?

🛑 Pixels not firing or firing multiple times?

🛑 Are custom fields not showing up?

🛑 Integrations seem to be miles apart?

🛑 Decision trees are just not embedding?

If you’re struggling with the technical aspects of your campaign and want it taken care of, so your Decision Tree does what it does best…

…Vacuuming up data, and supplying you with market insights your competition hasn’t even dreamt of.

Fill in the form below, and our Project Team will be in touch about LeadsHooks ‘Fix It Up’ Tech Overhaul.


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Getting Help At LeadsHook Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler

Getting Help At LeadsHook Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler

Getting Help At LeadsHook Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler

(With A Marketing Side Effect Too)

We know LeadsHook exists, not only because of the team behind it, but also the insights from you, our clients.

Because it’s your valuable feedback that makes LeadsHook better.

However, to make sure your ideas and questions reach the right people we take action, the workflow has to be smooth. 

This is why we pride ourselves on making sure our customer service always exceeds your expectations.

And we’re happy to say, so far, we seem to be doing that right at least…

That being said, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to serve you better.

And we believe our new updated help feature does just that…

(As well as helping us get the Holy Grail Of Leads 🏆)

Faster, Easier & Better Help

When finding a solution to a client’s problem, we know the higher quality information we receive from the start, the faster we can get to work and solve it.

So, to support this, we’ve added a frictionless way to upload and send us an image or video of what you need help with.

We Receive High-Quality Information – Less ‘back and forth’, saving time in the process.

No External Platforms – No messing about with Loom or Zoom, or grabbing screenshots.

URL Grab – Automatically grabs your URL so we know exactly the Decision Tree without you even telling us.

And it’s as simple as clicking the new help button on the right-hand side, and you’re away!

Take a look at this short video below on how it works.

More Than Just A Update

Of course, the main goal of the update is to solve your problem faster, easier, and with as little fuss as possible…

However, the idea behind it also has a positive side effect.

Customer Satisfaction.

Or to put another way…

A bump in our Net Promoter Score. (Or NPS for short)

If this term is unfamiliar, I’ll explain…

If you’ve ever been to a bar or restaurant, chances are this has happened to you…

It’s your turn to get the drinks.

You skillfully dodge past the other patrons and make your way to the packed bar.

You can see the bartenders are busy, so without thinking, you scout the length of the bar to see who’s next.

And although Math was never your ‘thing’, you instantly calculate (with lightning speed) there are another 3 people ahead of you.

A few minutes pass, and the bartender carries on about his business without a care in the world.

Walking the length of the bar and seemly serving people at random.

You try to catch their eye, but apparently, you’re invisible.

Your frustration is building…

But you still fight the urge to raise your hand in the air and wave your money about like you’re holding a white flag surrendering to the enemy.

The thirst is getting unbearable…

So, what does the bartender decide to do?

Stop serving altogether, hide in the corner, and check his ‘urgent’ Instagram messages on his phone!

It’s all too much…

You walk back to your friends, grab your coat, and persuade everyone to leave.

But not without angrily telling them about what just happened, and vowing NEVER to step foot in the establishment again!

Ok, so, maybe that exact thing hasn’t happened to you. But you get the idea.

How does this infuriating experience relate to business…

Well, you’ve just witnessed the easiest way to lower a Net Promoter Score. 

What is a Net Promoter Score?

NPS measures the willingness of your audience to organically recommend you, your company, or your product to a friend or colleague.

And some consider it to be the ultimate metric when measuring customer satisfaction.

How do you measure NPS…

Simply ask your audience this one question:

“On a scale of 0–10, would you recommend our [What your measuring] to a friend or colleague?”

And depending on the answer, your audience is split up into 3 groups…

Detractors – (Score 0 – 6) They hold negative views and are most likely to talk trash about their experience on social media.

Passives – (Score 7 – 8) They are neither impressed nor upset enough to share their views either way.

Promoters (Score 9 -10) These are the clients who worship the ground you walk on and will sing your praises every chance they get.

You can work out your score by subtracting the % of survey respondents who are detractors from the % of survey respondents who are promoters.

This will give you a score that will land somewhere between -100 to 100.
So, what makes a good NPS score?

Generally speaking:

  • An exceptional NPS score is 70+ 
  • A very good NPS score is 50+
  • A decent score is in the 0–40 range, but improvement is needed
  • If you fall below 0, something is seriously wrong

A little-known fact about NPS’s…

So, you’d be forgiven for thinking a high NPS is directly related to solving the problem.

And in some regards, it is.

Because if you never solved your customer’s issues, the least of your worries is your Net Promoter Score…

I’d be more worried about staying in business at all!

So, if solving the problem isn’t the biggest factor…

What moves the needle the most when it comes to NPS…

In fact, it’s letting your customer know their problem is being dealt with in the first place.

Remember the bartender?

Imagine this scenario instead:

As soon as you reached the bar, he looked up, smiled, and mouthed:

“Sorry, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Then quickly passed you ‘fresh’ a bowl of salted popcorn to keep you occupied

In that split second:

He alleviated your frustration, gave himself some breathing room, and even bumped up his Net Promoter Score…

All with these simple gestures.

And this rule holds true when solving a problem for clients or answering a query in any business.

Now, there are a lot of psychological factors that come into play.

Explained in more detail in this study of the ‘Psychology of the wait time experiences’ here.

To summarize, though:

  • Informing clients of delays increases tolerance (Let them know you’ll be with them soon)

  • Apologizing for delays can reduce negative feelings from a long wait (Say sorry)

  • Creating opportunities for patients to use wait time constructively. (Keep them busy)

If you use any or all of these, you can only expect improvements to your own customer satisfaction score.

And that marketing side effect?

The Holy Grail of Leads 🏆

Your new set of promoters will be shouting from the rooftops (and on social media) about your business…

Getting you FREE high-quality, referral leads!

(And even though I shouldn’t say this)

Without a LeadsHook Decision Tree in sight.



One last thing…

If you currently have any bottlenecks you’re experiencing with LeadsHook and don’t have the bandwidth to deal with them:

Whether it be:

Getting Your 1st Decision Tree Out The Gate

Tracking & Analytics 

Design & Copy

Marketing & Persuasion

Technical ‘Know How’

Execution in General 


Something Else?

Let the Projects Team know about your current obstacle, and they’ll get in touch about our  ‘Done For You’ services.

To get you ‘back on track’ so you can concentrate on other areas of your business, or use the extra time however you see fit.

Here’s the form below.

(Please give a brief run down of your current obstacles above)
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