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LeadsHook is run by Blitz Brands from Sydney Australia.

Our guiding principles…

You Are Your Own Boss

We don’t really like the idea of hierarchy and bosses… of course there will be more senior members who you’ll be working with but you’re free to question and suggest alternate ways to getting things done – just be constructive.

One more thing: If you see something that needs to get fixed, updated, upgraded, attention or maybe some TLC… bring to someone’s attention so it can resolved. Even better: just take of it yourself or ask someone to help you.

Be Humble and Operate With Integrity

To be humble is not be too proud and arrogant. But most importantly it allows you to admit your mistakes… and making mistakes is a necessary part of growth. Your ego won’t be tolerated.

To Operate with integrity means to conduct yourself honestly and ethically with outsiders, insiders and most importantly, yourself.

Don’t Promise More Than You Can Deliver… And Always Deliver More Than You Promise

It’s ok to say NO but have passion for what you deliver. Don’t be sloppy in what you produce… deliver awesomeness. Take your commitments seriously… and deliver when you say you will.

Experiment & Make Mistakes… But Don’t Sink The Ship.

You are encouraged to start a pet-project or to come up with a new way of doing things… and yes, you won’t always succeed and that’s ok… as long as you made decisions based on objective facts.

But, never bet our ‘ship’ so you end up taking so much risk that our ‘ship’ will sink if you don’t succeed.

Have Fun, Keep Growing & Learning.

Keep learning and growing… and having fun is strongly recommended.

Don’t Fight Change!

The pace of change is getting faster and faster so everything is becoming obsolete faster as well. It’s best to accept this reality and realise that things will be change even if you don’t like it or want it.

Don’t Just Be Different… Be Excellent & Relevant As Well!

Being different for the sake of being different is a waste of time, energy and money. The difference we create must be relevant as well, i.e. a difference that makes a difference.

Just Get It Done, Quickly!

The perfect solution often can’t be implemented. It’s best to come up with a solution that will do… and get it implemented… you can always create something better, later! Have a sense of urgency!

Serve Your Customer
s(your customer might be sitting next to you)

Who are you helping? Make a difference to person who will benefit from you and your work. Your customer might just be someone on your team.

Only Target What You Can Control

Recognise the difference between your activity and results. You should only target what you can control, i.e. your activity… the rest are just results.

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