Which of the following 10 B2B or high-ticket lead generation thank you page secrets are you using?

You’ve written the ad, you’ve made your landing pages. You’ve bought the traffic…

You’ve dangled the carrot and gotten them to the end of your lead generation process.

… half the battle has been won!

Lead generation is the midpoint of your sales process.

And, it’s a common mistake to assume this is the completion or conclusion.

This is why an opt-in (visitor to lead) percentage is a vanity metric. ‘Number of leads’ means nothing unless your leads buy.

You don’t want the sales team to get this all too common reaction…

“Who are you? And how did you get my phone number?” 

And, it doesn’t matter if you’re generating leads for your business or if your business is selling leads.

The most neglected part of B2B lead generation is the thank you page.

Almost always the real estate on the thank you page is wasted.

There is a lag from the moment your leads see the thank you page to when the contact from a sales team is made.

The time in-between the thank you page and the first-contact decays the quality of the lead.

Without a doubt, leads who have given you their contact details have given those details to other businesses too. So by the time you contact the lead, they have already forgotten about you.

This is precisely why your thank you page is probably one of the most important pages in the lead generation process.

Your thank-you page has to build anticipation, implant a cliffhanger, and open a loop which buys you time and makes you memorable and leaves them yearning for your call.

You can increase the quality of your leads by increasing the anticipation of the benefits. You want your leads to be hungry for benefits you’re proven they’re about to get. This will help your clients get a much better contact rate and a much higher conversion.

A higher conversion for your client means higher revenue per lead for you.

Assume, you’re getting paid $30 per lead. If your client is making $1000 per conversion.

A 5% conversion means your client’s cost per conversion = $30/5% = $600.

Your client is making $400 on the front-end sale.

Now, if you’re delivering higher quality lead and have increased your client’s conversion to 15%, then the client’s cost per conversion is

$30/15% = $200

And, the front end sale = $800 ($1000 – $200).

This means you can reprice your leads with this client or the next.

In fact, you can easily double or even triple the price at which you’re selling leads.

This means you’ve just doubled (or even more) your revenue.

At a new price of $60 per lead, your client has a cost per conversion of $60/15% = $466…

… you are better off, and so is your client. Your client might make you the exclusive supplier of their leads.

Here are 10 secrets you should use to prime your leads for a contact for your client or your sales team.

1: Restate The Benefit

One of the best ways to restate the benefit is to congratulate your leads on a wise decision.

Then future pace the benefit they’ll get.

Example: Loan Refinance

Say you’re selling loan refinance leads.

Then future pacing would be something like…

“Thank you for contacting us. For most of our clients, we can easily shave off 10% to as much as 20% off your loan payments.”

It’s better if you include monetary values….

“Thank you for contacting us. Based on your loan amount of $200,000, you can shave off $1000 or much as to as much as $2000 off your loan payments.”

In case you’re wondering how to calculate loan repayments and savings in your lead generation, then be sure to check out LeadsHook.com. LeadsHook, includes a mathematical calculator whose input is numbers your leads provide you.

It turns illusionary benefits like, “save thousands of dollars” into real personalized one like, “save $1450.97”

It is far more effective to quote actual monetary values like dollars saved than percentage savings.

Most people find it challenging to translate percentage savings into dollar values — percentages are NOT real enough. Plus it lacks credibility. Anyone can say we’ll save you 10% percentage.

It’s much more real and personalized to say…

“You’ll be banking an extra $1234 next month, and every month.”

Now, what’s even better than quoting dollar values?

Convert the dollar value into something your leads will likely to or use daily…

“You’ll be banking an extra $1234 next month, and every month. That’s about $40 a day extra in your pocket – or 20 extra cups of coffee per DAY. Annually, that’s almost $15000 per year. What could you do for your loved ones with an extra $15000 per year.”

In the above example, you’re moving the time scale and using the power of relative contrasting to be able to show people how much more they could provide for their loved ones.

You’re providing daily and yearly figures and its impact on the lives of leads. Our leads will select what is most relevant to them.

Keep it simple and get to the point and resell the benefit by future pacing the benefit.

2: When Will Your Leads Receive The Benefit

You want to let your users know when the ultimate benefit will appear in their lives.

Your lead generation funnel such as a LeadsHook Decision Tree funnel, will give you the data, calculations and behaviours that allows you to let your leads know when the benefits or desired outcome are likely to appear in their lives…

“Your lost savings, $1299 will appear in your bank account within three to five days after we speak with you.”

3: What Will Happen Next

Explain the next steps…

It’s a mistake to say simply…

“Thank you and will get back to you soon.”

What does ‘soon’ mean?

Be specific. State what will happen next…

4: Who Will Contact Them

You should include the following details here…

Name of Business (or Your Client)
Phone (for inbound leads)
Credibility & Proof

If a specific person is going to contact these leads, then include their name as well.

TIP! With LeadsHook, you can use dynamic image fields and conditional logic to display the contact details even if you’re distributing leads to multiple clients or sales teams.

5: What Will Your Client (or Sales Team) Say

What will your client or sales team say when your leads are contacted…

TIP! Use custom fields to display the exact message that will be repeated when your client calls…

“Hi <first_name>. My name is <sales_person> from <company_name> about the $<savings> missing from your bank account.

You gave us your details on our website, <domain.com> .”

The above message is an anchor to re-establish the relationship your lead generation website created.

This is an extremely powerful to use custom fields here because practically no one is displaying a personalized message with the name of the person and company who will contact your lead and also the exact line which reinforces the benefit.

6: When Will They Be Contacted

Be specific about when your lead should expect a phone call…

Will they get a call in 30 seconds, 10 minutes, or the next day.

You should work with clients who can contact as fast as possible.

The clock is ticking, and the value of your leads is eroding exponentially.

You must work with your clients to shorten the time between lead capture and contact. Remember you’re not the only one who has received your lead’s details.

Perhaps your lead has given their contact details in another 2 or 3 or 5 or maybe even 10 forms!

TIP! LeadsHook sends your leads’ details to a third party system such as dialer or CRM within a few seconds of completion.

7: Tell Your Leads What to do Next

Keep your message simple, clear and specific…

“Your details have been received. We’ll review the information you’ve provided. Please expect a call from us.”

Use an email marketing system and/or an SMS marketing system to reconfirm and remind them of the benefits they’re about to get.

This will help your client (or sales team) extract the most amount of value when leads are finally contacted.

8: Boost Your Anchor

Include a video or an image of your business or the salesperson who will contact your lead.

It can be a quick 20-second introductory video…

Hi, we’re from XYZ Mortgage Slashers, and we look forward to serving you. Someone from our team will contact you in the next 24 hours.

9: Speed of Contact

Enhance the infrastructure so your leads can be contacted within 60 seconds.

TIP! Use LeadsHook to fire a webhook and transfer your leads within 3 seconds.

This requires your client to have a call centre to execute this. Imagine the wow factor when a lead gets a call within 10 seconds of completing a form. It shows this business is interested in dealing with me. And their reason for filling out the form is fresh in their minds.

10: Granular Market Segmentation

Include questions in your lead generation process that segments your leads into one of the 5 stages of State of Product Awareness.

Gene Schwartz Product Awareness Market Sophistication Grid With Great Leads
Gene Schwartz Product Awareness Market Sophistication Grid With Great Leads

State of Product Awareness is from Gene Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising.

The state of product awareness is a framework to work out how ‘hot’ a person is in their likelihood to convert.

If your leads are NOT quite ready to buy, then sending them to your sales team is wasting your sales team’s time AND your leads time as well.

So include questions into your lead generation process so you can hold back leads that need to be nurtured or are not ready to transaction.

Almost every sale is not linear. There leads in the market who need more time or perhaps need more information.

There are lead generation campaigns where day 1 conversion is less than 3% but have a 20-30% conversion over 12 months. This does not happen from being more persuasive on day 1! This happens from being respectful to your leads and allowing them to come to their decision. Allow yourself to build trust, so they want to transact with you.

TIP! If you want to do this for a personalized lead generation and market segmentation and be sure to check out LeadsHook.com, which is a personalized marketing SaaS. We go through granular market segmentation in our training programs.

If you use the 10 secrets above then you’ll see a boost in your sales conversions… it’s inevitable!

Which of the above 10 secrets are you using? Who would have thought the humble thank you page could pack a persuasive punch?

If you need help to execute these types of high ROI campaigns then please contact us.